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Monday, June 26, 2006

Save money on Bath products

I never buy bath products at retail price from local grocery stores. If you have costco membership or have a walmart nearby then you would already know that you can save atleast 25-50% on bath products by purchasing from these stores.

I neither have have a walmart near my home, nor a costco membership so I save 100% on most of the bath products. At many drug stores like rite aid and wallgreens a lot of bath products can be found for free after rebate. My favorite is Rite aid because filling out rebate is very easy unlike wallgreens where you have to mail in the rebate. Can you believe that I have enough supply of bath soaps, tooth brushes and tooth pastes for more than two years, most of which is free! Similarly you can always find great deals on cosmetics, which I dont use, at RiteAid. Their new deals come out every sunday so sunday morning you can check out their weekly ad on their website and if there is something you are interested in, go get it. For me Rite Aid is on my way to the gym so I pick up my stuff while comming back from the gym.

There are several other places where you can save money on bath products. My another favorite store is Bath and Body works. The have this semi annual sale, twice a year when most of the stuff is 50-75% off. I buy their glycerin soaps for 1$(retail 3.50$) , their botanic shampoo for 1.87$(retail price 7.5$) and deodorants and perfumes for ridiculously low prices.

I didn't used to pay attention to saving money on these things but once you start paying attention it is like an addiction. One must however strike a balance between getting a good deal and amount of time spent on finding that deal. If an hour is spent on finding ways to save 5$ then its not worth it, atleast for me. Remember time is money and with money you can buy time so in a way they are interchangeable hence you should decide what is the value of your time and spend time accordingly on finding deals. You can ofcourse save time by reading my blog :)


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